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Your insider guide to running an advertising campaign

By July 14, 2023July 18th, 2023No Comments

Your insider guide to running an advertising campaign

Advertising allows you to make a strong impact with your campaign message especially if you choose to advertise out of home (aka outdoors). For example, the side of buses, at train stations, on the London underground, billboards, bus stop or posters outside of supermarkets. These are all great ways to read a bigger audience and promote your services and products.

Why advertising works well:
If your goal is to increase your target audience, outdoors is an effective way to reach new people and customers.

  • When you know your audience
  • You understand the key message(s) you want to communicate
  • You choose the correct platform to share the message
  • When the advertising is consistent and visible for people who need to see it

What will it cost?
Outdoor advertising can be more expensive than other media so make sure you are getting the most out of your budget. Think about your Return on Investment (ROI) and what targets you have in mind. Set yourself a budget of what you want to spend and be prepared to haggle and negotiate to achieve a reasonable advertising budget for you.

How do I book outdoor media?
A local media planning agency is the best place to start. They can help you with your budget, timings and deadlines. They can also suggest spaces for you. As with all planning agencies, they will take their fee, so factor that into your campaign costs.

Where is the best place to advertise?
Think of your audience. Where do they spend their time and where do they go? You want to grab their attention as they walk, drive or travel around

When and how long should the campaign last
Think of sharing your advert when you have something to promote. Perhaps a new product. The duration of the adverts can vary but most tend to book slots in two or four week blocks of time.

 Two ideas to judge success of outdoor advertising

    •  Create a specific voucher code to use on the advert. Creating different URLs or phone numbers, or specific coupons or codes for your outdoor advertising is a great way to test how many people saw your advert. Limiting a phone number or QR code so it’s only used on your outdoor will then let you efficiently track your response rates.
    • Ask the media planning agency if they can provide you with Traffic data. You can calculate advert exposure by getting data about pedestrian or vehicle traffic in the area where your ad is to be placed. Typical data includes commuter numbers, leisure activity participation, road traffic counts, government surveys, and censuses. Although the quality of this data can vary, it is still a useful measuring tool. Sometimes your advertising will come with impressions data. Impressions means the number of times your content is seen.

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