Yeshua Carter

Consultant & Founder of EY Outreach

Since joining EY as an Apprentice in 2019, Yeshua Carter has become a powerful force in bringing about positive change among young people – especially those limited by the inequalities of living in marginalised communities. His vision to help most-at risk young people out of challenging situations was born. Yeshua created and co-founded EY Outreach, which started as a collaboration with West Midlands Police (WMP) to divert vulnerable young people in pupil referral units from criminality, through a creative intervention and prevention programme. EY Outreach has since become a fully-fledged EY CSR programme, working with national and local authorities such as Government of Jersey, Birmingham City Council and HMP Brinsford to develop and support at-risk youngsters. Through EY Outreach, Yeshua and his colleagues are delivering positive results that help provide intervention and prevention, diversity and inclusion, youth mentoring, and social mobility and mental health.