Wycliffe Sande

Founder, Blue Turaco Coffee

Wycliffe Sande is the Founder of Blue Turaco Coffee; the first Black African-owned Coffee Brand to be listed in leading UK Supermarkets. Wycliffe believes in using the power of coffee to create positive change in coffee growing communities, while making specialty Robusta more accessible to millions of coffee lovers in the UK.

In 2006, Wycliffe moved to the UK to go to University in London, the first in his village to do so, after attending classes under a mango tree as a young boy. With more than 10 years’ experience in hospitality as a restaurant manager for Nando’s UK in London, Wycliffe has returned to his coffee roots and now has a small coffee farm in Uganda. Here, he works with other farmers to make amazing specialty Robusta coffee using processing methods never used before to help bring out even more amazing flavour.