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UK Black Business Show

Empowering Excellence: VCK Accounting Limited’s Experience Exhibiting at the UK Black Business Show

By February 27, 2024No Comments

Empowering Excellence: VCK Accounting Limited’s Experience Exhibiting at the UK Black Business Show

‘Inspiring, Uplifting and Elevating.’ 

The UK Black Business Show was created to highlight black businesses and their contributions to the economy. We have hosted hundreds of black businesses across our shows, both in London and Birmingham. Today we wanted to share the experience from an exhibitor who participated in the UK Black Business Show. 

Vimbai Vicky, director of VCK Accounting Services LTD, exhibited at last year’s UK Black Business Show. VCK Accounting Services Ltd. is a distinguished firm of chartered certified accountants headquartered in the Midlands. 

Vimbai’s entrepreneurial journey began after graduating from the University of Northampton with a 2.1. She embarked on a career with one of the largest franchises in the UK, specialising in small accountancy businesses. The pinnacle of her corporate journey was attaining the position of practice manager at a reputable firm. This role marked the conclusion of her employment journey before she decided to establish her own company in 2021, coinciding with the expectation of her first child.

We spoke with Vimbai about her experience as an exhibitor at the UK Black Business Show: 

What did you think of the show?

Upon attending the UKBBS show in October 2023, I discovered it to be an excellent platform facilitating networking and mutual support within our respective endeavours. The UKBBS show proved to be an inclusive platform catering to businesses and individuals of all scales, ensuring that each participant, regardless of size, found a suitable niche for engagement. 

What was your favourite moment from the show?

Engaging in conversations with diverse individuals regarding their business journeys and the challenges they currently encounter. Providing tips and suggestions based on my own experiences was particularly gratifying. 

What motivated you to participate in last year’s show?

My decision to participate in last year’s show was driven by a commitment to enhance my personal branding and expand my professional network. Despite the majority of my client base being generated through referrals, I recognised the need to scale up my business, with networking identified as a crucial area for exploration. The UKBBS provided an excellent platform for individuals from minority backgrounds to actively engage, cultivate business relationships, and showcase our enterprises.

Why do you feel it’s important to be part of the show?

Participating in the show holds significance for several reasons, encompassing inspiration, business showcasing, and networking. A primary objective for me is to motivate business owners by illustrating the feasibility of their endeavours. Through exhibiting and maintaining a stand, I had the opportunity to inspire numerous individuals who expressed being deeply moved by my personal story and business journey.

What was your strategy going into the show eg: stand set-up, marketing ahead of the show?

Prior to the show, my approach involved leveraging social media for increased exposure. I utilised my platform to share posts about the upcoming event and our company’s participation. I was also featured in a local newspaper in Zimbabwe, where I’m originally from.

How was your overall experience as an exhibitor at our show?

My experience as an exhibitor was highly positive. Throughout the event, I engaged in continuous conversations with various businesses and individuals. Utilising the scanner provided by the UKBBS, I efficiently gathered contact information without the need for physical business cards. This tool allowed me to add pertinent notes, facilitating more informed follow-ups by providing insights into our discussions. The streamlined process significantly enhanced the effectiveness and efficiency of my post-event engagements.

Can you share any success stories or milestones achieved after the show?

To date, we have successfully onboarded 10% of the leads acquired during the event, representing a diverse mix of small businesses and individuals. In addition to our exhibition presence, I had the opportunity to deliver a business pitch in one of the seminar lounges, sharing insights into my personal story and professional journey. As a result, I secured my first mentee, and our collaborative efforts have been focused on assisting her in building her own accountancy practice. This experience led to the official expansion of my business to include consultancy and mentorship services, marking a significant achievement in my professional trajectory.

And finally, we asked Vimbai what advice she would give to someone debating if they should exhibit and this years show:

I would encourage you to pursue it; there is little to lose and much to contribute and gain.

It was a pleasure speaking with Vimbai and learning more about her experience at the UK Black Business Show. We hope you feel encouraged by Vimbai’s story and choose to exhibit at this year’s show. 

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