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UK Black Business Show 2023 – What you missed!

By October 17, 2023October 31st, 2023No Comments

UK Black Business Show 2023 – What you missed!

The UK Black Business Show is in its seventh year as an inspiring space for attendees to ignite their entrepreneurial ambitions for success. 6,000+ attendees, 100+ exhibitors, 100+ speakers, 50+ sessions created a hive of activity for this empowering day.

It’s a universal truth that starting a business can start anytime and anywhere. All you need is an idea, a drive to succeed, and a customer base.

The main mezzanine of stalls and display units proved this idea to be true. The large space was alive with purposeful conversations, firm handshakes for deals, and sales of fragrances, fashion, jewellery, food delivery services, drinks, and skin and hair care from businesses.

But what does it take to go into business nowadays?

The Saturday seminars included tips and nuggets of advice from bosses, business owners and self-employed in the know. This is what they said:

E-commerce session Mastering E-commerce: Growing your Online presence to Generate Revenue with Nathaniel Wade, Co-founder, Wakuda

If you’re launching an e-commerce business, the challenge is getting people to your website and driving people to buy items. Always remember that service-based businesses are all about building relationships and connecting with your audience. Think of ways to tap into existing communities.

The power of cultural identity in building inclusive brands. Dimeji Saiq, owner of Vegan Shack said:

If you plan to run a food and hospitality business, try working in the industry first. This will help you to learn some valuable lessons. Once I decided to start my food business, I had £30 and an Instagram account. I brought the ingredients from Tesco and delivered it to my first customer in a ‘bag for life’ just to get started. Just do it and give it a go.

Yanmo Adetula, Leadership and Career Consultant at the Career hub

We all have different goals, and your dreams will differ from mine; however, you should have career goals. But if something isn’t working, be willing to change when your options no longer serve you. Be encouraged to know that transformation requires time for goals to be achieved and the journey to becoming a leader requires time. Consider having a mentor who is experienced. Someone who will understand where you want to be and is interested in helping you get there to accelerate your career.

Austin Okolo, CEO at The Gen Z Club was a panellist for the Gen-Z and the Boardroom: Empowered and Excelling discussion

Austin Okolo came to the show 5 years ago as an 18-year-old attendee and now is on stage as the CEO of The Gen Z Club. His advice to Gen Z business leaders: remember even if you are a younger colleague in the business world, your age isn’t a disadvantage. Be humble and even though you want to do everything fast, you have more time than you think – you’re not a failure at 25. Patience and speed are key.

For more information on 2024 & to pre-register for next year, visit this link.

Written by Louise Chandler 
Two-time award winner Louise has created interactive and downloadable PR and marketing toolkits to help you with communications!
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