Are you ready to skyrocket your business success? Do you want to learn from the experts and connect with other entrepreneurs who are scaling their businesses just like you? 

Then mark your calendars for UK Black Business Show 2023!

A dynamic event curated specifically with scale-up entrepreneurs like you in mind, this October, hear from seasoned entrepreneurs who have successfully navigated the challenges of scaling their businesses.

  • Gain practical advice on topics that matter the most to you!
  • Building a High-Performing Team
  • Creating a Scalable Business Model
  • Raising Growth Capital
  • Mastering the Art of Scaling
  • And more!

Whatever your next priority for your business, our event is the perfect opportunity to connect with other scale-up entrepreneurs and learn from the best in the industry.

Highlights for Scale-up Entrepreneurs at #UKBBShow 2023!

The business of social enterprise

Discussing the models, strategies, and challenges associated with building and sustaining successful social enterprises, as well as experts sharing their experiences.

Harnessing the Power of Intrapreneurship

Our panel of seasoned intrapreneurs will explore the transformative potential of intrapreneurship and its impact on career trajectory and organisational success.

In conversation with… Steven Bartlett

A deep dive into Steven’s experience as an entrepreneur, his insights and more.

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We’ve got over 90 exhibitors this year – network with like-minded start-ups, share insights and expertise.



Who else is #UKBBShow 2023 for?

No matter the stage of your journey, there’s something for everyone at UK Black Business Show.


Rub shoulders with other entrepreneurs, hear from industry leaders, and get ready to kick your business into high gear! Join us for the hottest tips, practical skills, and networking opportunities to grow your business.

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Early Careers

Whether you’re looking for your first job or trying to break into a competitive sector, UK Black Business Show is the perfect opportunity to gain practical skills, make invaluable connections, and take the first step toward achieving your career goals.

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Unlock your FULL potential without limits! If you want to switch careers or prepare for leadership roles within your industry, our event is the perfect place to enhance your skill set, connect with like-minded professionals, and start your journey toward a more fulfilling career.

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