Nicholas 'Dex' Amfo-Gyamera

Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Founder of ODF Clothing

Nicholas Amfo-Gyamera, also recognised as Nicholas Dex, is a dynamic fashion designer and visionary entrepreneur, best known as the driving force behind ODF Clothing (One Diverse Fashion) and Nicholas Kingsley. Raised in the vibrant streets of South London, Nicholas embarked on a remarkable journey to bridge the gap he observed in the representation of his community in the world of fashion and lifestyle brands.

Inspired by the rich traditions of preppy equestrian and Wimbledon tennis culture, as well as the ever-evolving London street fashion scene, Nicholas crafted ODF Clothing as a tribute to these influences. However, his vision transcends mere fashion; it’s about empowerment and representation.

ODF Clothing stands out not only for its celebration of diversity but also for its unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability and ethical production. It’s a brand that embodies the ethos of “Standing In to Stand Out.”

Nicholas has garnered recognition far and wide, earning features in prestigious publications such as GQ, Forbes, and Vogue. His journey is a testament to the power of creativity, entrepreneurship, and a dedication to making a difference in the world of fashion.