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Most Popular Christmas Social Campaigns Ever πŸŽ„

By November 17, 2023No Comments

Most Popular Christmas Campaigns Ever πŸŽ„

Popular social campaigns for Christmas often leverage the festive spirit to engage audiences, spread joy, and promote brand awareness. Here are some examples of successful and memorable Christmas social media campaigns:


Coca-Cola’s #ShareACoke campaign is a classic example of a successful Christmas marketing initiative. The brand replaced its iconic logo with popular holiday names and phrases, encouraging people to share a personalised Coke with their loved ones. The campaign extended to social media, where users could create virtual bottles to share online.

2. #KevinTheCarrot (Aldi, Annually):

Aldi’s annual Christmas campaign featuring the lovable character #KevinTheCarrot has consistently garnered attention on social media. The brand releases entertaining and shareable videos featuring Kevin, generating excitement and engagement from audiences.

3. #RedCupContest (Starbucks):

Starbucks often runs festive campaigns around its holiday-themed cups. The #RedCupContest encourages customers to share their creative cup designs on social media, fostering user-generated content and community engagement. Starbucks also uses social media to announce the arrival of seasonal drinks and promotions.

4. #ReindeerReady (McDonald’s, Annually):

McDonald’s annual #ReindeerReady campaign, often associated with its festive holiday menu, includes social media elements such as interactive filters, festive emojis, and engaging content. The campaign aims to create excitement around McDonald’s offerings during the Christmas season.

5. #SipsmithSpectacular (Sipsmith, Annually):

Sipsmith, a London-based gin distillery, has run successful Christmas campaigns such as the #SipsmithSpectacular. This campaign often features visually appealing content, cocktail recipes, and user-generated content showcasing how people enjoy Sipsmith products during the festive season.

6. #ChristmasTogether (Tesco, 2020):

Tesco’s #ChristmasTogether campaign in 2020 encouraged users to share their holiday moments, recipes, and traditions on social media. The campaign aimed to foster a sense of community and celebration during a challenging year.

7. #MozTheMonster (John Lewis, 2017):


In 2017, John Lewis introduced #MozTheMonster as part of its Christmas campaign. The character, featured in a heartwarming video, became a social media sensation, with users sharing their reactions and thoughts about Moz across various platforms.

8. #MerryBiscuit (Biscuiteers, Annually):

Biscuiteers, a luxury biscuit company, often runs festive campaigns such as #MerryBiscuit, showcasing its intricately decorated holiday-themed biscuits. The visually appealing content encourages user engagement and sharing on social media.

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