Lorraine Wright-Boateng

Strategic Advisor, Lorraine Wright-Boateng Consulting

Lorraine Wright-Boateng MBE, a British born Ghanaian, is a multifaceted businesswoman, tech professional, community advocate, speaker, moderator, and content creator. Recently named as a Top 25 Black Entrepreneur to watch by HSBC and the UK Black Business Show, Lorraine is a seasoned professional committed to making a difference through her ventures in both the UK and Ghana. A distinguished University of Oxford Exec MBA Graduate, Lorraine thrives in bridging the gap between the Ghanaian Diaspora and Ghana, particularly within the realm of business and investment opportunities.

Lorraine has earned her reputation as the Chief Side Hustler, leveraging her platforms to educate others on successfully managing side hustles alongside full-time jobs as well as providing insights on investment opportunities in the fast growing Ghanaian economy based on her personal experiences.