Jane John-Lewis

Doctoral Engineer and Surgical Robotics Tech Consultant, Brown Skin Girls Network

Jane John-Lewis is a multi-talented professional whose accomplishments span diverse fields. As a Medical Technology Consultant, her expertise lie in surgical robotics and sports medicine, pioneering advancements that have earned her prestigious awards in the industry. Concurrently, she is a Director of a Property Development company and Co-founder of The Brown Skin Girls Network, showcasing her business and investment approach proactively. A devoted mother of two, Jane also contributes to the community as an ex-football coach, working with children with disabilities, has set up charities and promotes STEM and coding. As a Doctoral Engineer specialising in AI and Machine Learning, she’s at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies. Furthermore, her commitment to holistic health is evident through her role as a Director of a Pain Management Clinic where she leads with expertise in minimally invasive solutions. Through her diverse achievements, Jane exemplifies a remarkable blend of innovation, leadership, and compassion.