Below are frequently asked questions about the event:


When and where do the events take place?

The UK Black Business Week events take place at various venues from Monday 2nd October – Saturday 7th October.

Monday: Launch Event – 8 Northumberland Avenue, London, WC2N 5BY

Tuesday-Wednesday: ILEC Conference Centre, 47 Lillie Road, London, SW6 1UD

Thursday – Saturday – Business Design Centre, 52 Upper St, London N1 0QH

Saturday: The UK Black Business Show exhibition takes place from 9am – 6pm on Saturday 7th October at Business Design Centre. For a comprehensive travel guide please see here.


What are the setup hours and days and dismantle hours and days?

Exhibits may be moved into the hall beginning at 13:00 p.m. on Friday 6th of October.
Exhibits must be set up by 19:00 on Friday 6th of October 2023.
The exhibit hall closes at 6:00 p.m. on Saturday 7th October in which dismantling may begin. Please note you must be finished and out of the halls by 8pm.

When will the exhibitor manual be live?

The exhibitor manual is already live, if you have not received this, please email

What is a good estimate of my overall expense if I were to be an exhibitor?

The industry uses the formula of three times your booth fees as a good estimate of your overall financial investment when participating in a trade show of our size.

Required expenses:
Public Liability Insurance – approx. £70
Electrics (1 x 500w Socket Outlet, 1 x Light Track with 2 x LED Spotlights) – starting from £250

Optional expenses:
Graphic panels – starting from £175 per panel + VAT
Merchandise/Giveaway – x250 A6 branded notebooks starting from £400 + VAT

Are there still spaces available for my organisation to exhibit?

Space is being snapped up so please get in touch as soon as possible. Contact the sales team

Where can I find out more about becoming an exhibitor?

General details can be found in the exhibitor section of our website.

What happens after I have signed up to exhibit at the show?

After signing up you will be contacted by our sales team, who will explain a range of opportunities to help you maximise your exposure pre-show and on-site.

I require assistance with the costs of exhibiting, do you have any advice?

Instead of a stand, you can be involved in the show in other ways:

  • Half Page Advert – £95
  • Full Page Advert – £180
  • Double Page Advert – £300

Am I able to share stand space with a partner?

Yes, if this is your intention please notify the sales team to ensure the floorplan is accurate.

I have an email sent to attendees after the show included in my package. How many words is this?

Please send us no more than 300 words with a high-resolution picture or logo. Send your final content in HTML format to:

How do I register my stand personnel?

You should receive your Exhibitor Hub login details, from this platform you can register your exhibitor passes.

My colleagues are arriving on the first day of the show, how do they get their exhibitor badge?

They can collect it from the registration desks upon arrival after 1pm on Friday 6th October.

How do I invite my customers?

As a participant, you will automatically receive a certain amount of free tickets for customers.  You can access your bespoke link to do this via the Exhibitor Hub, under Guest passes. We also offer bespoke materials you can use to help promote the event to your clients and make sure you are on their must-see list. You can also access these via the Exhibitor Hub.

How many delegates are you expecting to attend the event?

We are expecting 6,000 attendees based on previous events and pre-registration numbers.

Will there be a backdrop for each stand?

We will not be providing backdrops for the stands. If you would like to order one a recommended supplier is

Can I give out food samples at the event?

Yes as long as they are the correct size. Please see page 28 of the eguide for guidance on sampling.

Can I arrange for a package to be couriered to the event?

Yes, exhibitors are able to courier packages to the venue up to two days in advance of the event. Please see the exhibitor hub for delivery instructions.

Have I done everything you need?

We do not hold all of your orders here at UKBBS, please contact the necessary contractor to clarify what you have/have not done. We can however advise whether you have completed your Health & Safety Declaration form, Nameboard form and submitted your profile for the guide. Please contact the Operations department for details.

Where do I order furniture and electrics for my stand?

You can do this via the order forms hosted within the Exhibitor Hub under Exhibitor Manual.

What do I need to wear during the build-up of the show and the breakdown?

The UKBB Show has a number of Space Only stands, therefore is similar to a building construction site. Please ensure you wear closed-toe shoes at the very least but preferably reinforced toe boots. Under no circumstances can flip-flops or pumps be worn. Long trousers are also advisable.

Can I change the colour of my carpet?

(Shell Scheme stands) Yes, at an additional cost. Please contact the official contractor via your exhibitor manual. Contact details can be found on the order forms and deadlines page in the Exhibitor Manual.


I/ my colleague is a speaker at the event, where can I find out more details?

All speakers will be sent a speaker manual detailing key event information.


How can I make sure I receive as much exposure as possible?

As an exhibitor, you are entitled to FREE listings on the official Show Guide, however, to receive these FREE listings, you must complete your 100-word profile along with providing us with your logo. If you do not complete this form by the deadline for print materials, you will not be listed.

How can I become a media partner for the event?

The marketing team would love to hear from you so please contact Abby Cairns at

What pre-show and on-site marketing opportunities are available?

Ensure that you have generated leads before the show even starts; research shows that a lot of visitors decide which stands to visit well in advance of arriving at the show. We’ve done the hard work for you and put together a range of marketing materials to ensure that your stand is on everyone’s ‘must-see’ list (and they won’t cost you a thing).

How many of my company logos do you require?

You must send in 2 logos: one jpeg and one eps which will be used across our promotions.

How do I download a show logo?

Show logos can be downloaded via the Exhibitor Hub under Marketing Materials.

How do I feature in the Show Guide?

All exhibitors are given a 100 word listing in the Show Guide. The Operations Team will request this listing in the run-up to the event.

Who should I contact with press enquiries?

Our in-house PR and Marketing Manager, Abby Cairns, will be more than happy to help. Please contact her at

How do I access the media list for the show?

The media list will be compiled and sent out by Abby Cairns. For more information please contact her at

What makes a perfect press pack?

Press packs should include a relevant press release, background on your company and good, appropriate, captioned photography. It is important to bear in mind that journalists will be interested in news stories, so brochures and other sales materials alone are not suitable. Ideally, all the information should be contained in a clearly labelled folder, CD or USB.


When and where should I leave press packs?

Please send these to the venue ahead of time and mark them FAO Abby Cairns. Deliveries must not arrive at the BDC  before 5th October. Please note deliveries that arrive before this date will not be accepted by the venue. If you’re sending press packs, please also notify Abby by email so we can be aware of it in advance at

My question is not here. Who can I contact?



For queries relating to the build of your stand, venue, Exhibitor Technical manual and logistics:
Magz Boatemaah –