Anya James

Co-founder, Brown Skin Girls Network

Anya is one of the co-founders of the Brown Skin Girls Network, a platform crafted to empower and uplift black women in both their personal and professional endeavors. Anya James currently serves as the Systems Director of 14-19 Education, Careers and Progression, for a Local Authority. In addition to her work in local government, Anya is also a business owner, specialising in education reform, working with the United Nations, international and local governments. She is a sought-after public and motivational speaker, sharing her knowledge and inspiring others. Anya’s dedication to education is further demonstrated through her role as a School Governor. Prior to her current positions, she held the role of Assistant Headteacher, focusing on Inclusion, and Leadership. Before becoming an educator, she was discovered as a fashion model at nineteen. For the next decade, she traveled the world as a full-time model, representing renowned companies in the industry.