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4 ideas to create a powerful social media presence as an entrepreneur

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Starting out as a TV & radio broadcaster with BBC and corporate clients, Louise is a creative communicator with more than twenty years experience working with names such as BBC, Superdrug, Prince’s Trust and five industries.  Louise is also the proud creator of Find your Stride PR and marketing toolkits to upskill entrepreneurs and business leaders to use the knowledge to their advantage.

Louise is passionate about leading conversations about equality, diversity and representation. She is a self-confessed passionate cook, baker, travel enthusiast and music lover! Born and raised in Reading from Caribbean Barbadian parentage, Louise can often be found cooking and eating out, laughing at comedy and starting the day with a 10 minute yoga routine.

Connect with her on LinkedIn to find out more and read about her creative storytelling, guest speaking and consulting work here 

4 ideas to create a powerful social media presence as an entrepreneur


When you’re writing your posts, think of a way you can grab the attention of your reader in the 1st line of the post

 A few other things to consider:

  • Avoid large chunks of text and use line breaks to create space in your social posts – spreading out your copy to make it clearer to read
  • Write in Plain English, keep your sentences short and avoid acronyms or jargon. You want to share information like you’re talking to a friend.
  • If you’re using a website URL link, use the full link because this will build trust and aides screen readers (as long as it’s not too long!)


Aim for 30 to second seconds for general use on social media but some platforms like Youtube will allow longer videos. But remember: it’s the quality of the video that you’re striving for so don’t worry too much about the duration.

  1.   Your content will need to be planned (at least loosely). It may sound boring but planning your video is helpful because you know what you want to achieve. Think about where you’re filming the video, does it represent you in the best way; is the scenery behind you suitable? Are you filming with enough light?
  2.   Get creative and have fun. Being original and artistic doesn’t have to cost you money. Think of the best visual ways to tell your story: props, clothes, locations, etc. Perhaps call in a favour from a pal who is a fashion designer and wear their clothes to promote them while also enhancing your personal style. Film at a venue that wants exposure so they get a copy of the video).
  3.   Use social media (and perhaps your website) to share your video. No one can engage with you and the video if you don’t tell people to watch it. Be prepared for feedback or feel free to stimulate discussions when you share it to achieve interaction.


When you share a message on social media ensure you include a clear call to action and provide a clear onward path e.g. ‘Read more on this story’, or ‘Read our top tips for winter driving’ or follow this link for a discount code.

Have you got a catalogue of products to sell? Add your products to your social media. When someone taps a product tag on your post or a product sticker in your story, they’ll be taken to a product description page where they will see:


Stories are by far the most powerful means of communicating a message. We are hardwired to decode the messages that are contained within them. So, start telling your own story using reels, videos, emojis, and more using social media. Why not share a behind a-scenes view of attending an event, tell the story of your day and the places you visited or maybe tell the story of a delicious recipe that you’re creating as the number one baker in your area. Make your stories fun with (appropriate) filters, colourful images, clever editing, and even music to make them memorable.

Want to know more? Two-time award winner Louise has created interactive and downloadable PR and marketing toolkits to help you with communications!

Louise is a media, marketing and communications specialist with over 20 years experience working in TV, Radio, print and online media for BBC and Commercial brands, businesses, and services.

Connect with Louise on LinkedIn and read about her creative storytelling, guest speaking and consulting work here 

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